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24/7 Heating & Plumbing Services in Goose Bay, Labrador to Prevent Further Damage

A leaky pipe or a frozen sewer line can cause even more issues if they aren’t taken care of quickly. We offer 24/7 heating and plumbing services in Goose Bay, Labrador to ensure that broken systems are not made worse. With our fleet of 4 service vehicles, our steam van, and our expert technicians, we are able to repair or replace hot water tanks, piping, and more at any time. We provide the following emergency services to commercial and residential clients throughout Labrador:


Drainage Leaks

Whether you have leaking toilets in your bathrooms, or leaking appliances in your kitchen, we can fix it. We can also assess leaks to figure out if they are a simple fix, or if they are the cause of a major pipe failure in the plumbing system.

clogged drains

Clogged Drains

No need to worry about trying to unclog your drain from hair or soap build-up, we have the tools and expertise to effectively unclog your drain so that it will work efficiently again.

frozen pipes

Frozen Pipes & Sewer Lines

It’s important to keep your water pipes and sewer lines thawed so they don’t freeze to the point of causing the pipe to burst. We have our steam van that can safely thaw these lines so that they don’t break.

sump pumps

Broken Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are crucial for pumping water that is collected in a sump basin at the lowest level of your home (usually a basement) away from your home to prevent flooding. If your sump pump isn’t working properly, you’ll know – and our team can fix this right away.

If you need emergency repairs to pipes, boilers, or other parts to your heating and plumbing system, give us a call.

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