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Water Filtration Services in Labrador

Water is an essential part of our everyday lives, and you want to drink pure water that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or unnecessary additives. Nushuk Plumbing and Heating Ltd. offers water filtration services in Labrador that will help ensure that you’re drinking pure water.

The water systems we provide are custom designed for your specific needs at your home or office, able to eliminate many contaminants such as:

Iron bacteria (Iron staining)

Coliform/E-coli bacteria





Smell (H2S)

Bad taste


We offer extensive water filtration services so that you can drink the purest water available. Our staff will provide you with expert service, customized to your needs. Our services and available systems include:

On-site water quality testing

Water filtration

Water softening

Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis

Iron/sulfur treatment systems

Water softeners

Reverse osmosis drinking water system

Contact Nushuk Plumbing and Heating Ltd. today to learn more about our water filtration services in Labrador.

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